Saturday, January 30, 2010

Just when we got used to the clock...

So, then the salesman informs us there's been a mix up and the car alarm won't be installed into our 2010 Nissan Note until next week.

"I suppose we'll just have to mind it until then," I say. So off we go, pushing occasional buttons and trying to get the windshield wipers to stop working.
At SuperValu, Herself goes in to buy some groceries while I mind the car from the passenger seat. I'm checking both side mirrors and the reflection in the passenger side window. It's a busy car park. A car drives right at me before swerving at the last minute into a space. I lower the window and start howling:
"Ahhh-rooo...! Ahhh-rooo! Ahhh-rooo...! Ahhh-rooo!"
Yer man from the car looks at me kind of funny.
"Sorry!" I say cheerfully. "Sensitive car alarm!"
The man walks off towards the shop, shaking his head. Herself appears at the shop door.
"Is everything alright?" she asks.
"Oh yes," I say. "Everything's fine. You carry on."
She goes back inside. I go: "Cheep! Cheep!" and return to my vigil.
A few seconds later, I'm off again:

"Ahhh-rooo...! Ahhh-rooo...! Ahhh-rooo...! Ahhh-rooo...!"
"What now?" Herself says. "I've lost my place in the queue!"
"Bit of a breeze came up. Rocked the car a little."
She goes back inside and I go: "Cheep! Cheep!"
Shortly, it's "Ahhh-rooo...! Ahhh-rooo...! Ahhh-rooo...! Ahhh-rooo...!" again.
Herself appears with a half-packed grocery bag.
"Woman looking at me funny."
"Cheep! Cheep!"
And then:
"Ahhh-rooo...! Ahhh-rooo...! Ahhh-rooo...! Ahhh-rooo..."
"I'm lonely.... Cheep! Cheep!"
It turns out to be cold and frosty after dark and we decide we'll risk the car on just the immobiliser for the night.
I couldn't find my thermos flask anyway.