Thursday, June 22, 2006

I Spy

Were you the girl with last year's suede boots shuffling onto the bus? Maybe you were the tall Polish young man given the brush off by the red-haired Chinese girl expecting to be joined by her boyfriend? Were you the man with the long black hair dressed in a white shirt reaching into his car? Which one were you of the couple in white hoodies sitting far away on a bench overlooking the river: the one with his hood up, or the one with his hood down? Were you the young cat with one black sleeve that rolled joyously in the freshly-weeded topsoil of the garden of a house on Old Bawn Road? Were you sitting peacefully with a fishing rod on a rock as a dog on a leash looked on from the bank and swallows dipped in and out of the trees? Were you one of the three Traveller boys growing up so fast? Were you the woman hitting a tennis ball with a racket for a ginger dog to catch and fetch? Perhaps you were the youth whose shoe went as far as the football you kicked in Firhouse? Was it you? Was it you?

I saw you.

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