Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Oceanfree ran off with my Winning Notification and Via9rA

Its heading into its third day since Oceanfree mysteriously shut up shop. Rumour on the Internet points to a changeover going on, but, like many of the Internet service providers, free email suppliers, dot-com wonderbreads, absolutely no advance warning of a loss of service was issued. So I like everybody else, have to sit it out and await developments. I'm without email. Uncontactable. It's spookily quiet, in fact.

There are, of course, many alternative email options. I have a G-mail account (but can't remember the settings without having to go fish out an old diary. Yes, you've guessed, any password questions would doubtless be forwarded to my non-working email account!), and one can always get the dreaded Hotmail going. But there's a comfortable familiarity about using one's own accounts on one's own computer in Outlook, complete with the never-ending Rules and Blocked Senders lists that grow and grow with every piece of crappy spam that comes in.

How much do you rate the chance that Oceanfree (or their new incarnation) are working furiously at spam blockers as we read this? Maybe that's the cause of the delays? No. I didn't think so either.


Angh said...

I for one hope you go Gmail, and explore the other features offered by Google. I have Writely now...and iffen I was a blogger such as you are I would find that alone worth the effort. I also signed on for the online spreadsheet feature...but haven't used it yet...but it's pretty cool too. And...I love the Gmail and Google Talk. The only thing I've had to do about spam is check the few I get in the course of a month before Google deletes them...just in case something slipped through that might be construed as spam, but isn't really.
I'm a Google fanatic...it keeps me happy.

Angharod said...

Scratch the part about Writely...I may NOT have gotten that from Google, altho I'm almost positive I had to be on their waiting list to get signed up to use it. I've got so many writer type programs it's no wonder I never get anything written.

Willie_W said...

The plan for Google domination is not something I hope to sign up to soon. That's shorthand for saying that my email has started working again, albeit a little jumpily. Roll on the canless spam!

Willie_W said...

Naturally, Google's plan for world domination has rolled over me despite my best efforts. I've had to reactivate my Gamail account in order to put this vale of tears in Beta version. They getcha goin' and comin'.