Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dogs don't talk.

Are you alive?


Then prove it. Stand up.

Okay. See? I'm standing.

Proves nothing. Can you walk?

I think so. Yes. I'm walking. See?

I can change that.

Oh, fuck off! It's my birthday. Or it was when I started out this morning...

Bet you can't make it to bed in one piece.

Bet I can. And do you know what else?


I'm not going to go to sleep just yet. That'd be just what you want me to do, little doggy. Sleep and dream and worry about things. I think I'll write a bit in my blog and tell the world about you.


So nothing. It isn't all about you, Matey. I may even listen to some music and then go to sleep.

You're a fucking rebel, alright. But I'll still be here in the morning, won't I?

So will I.

Happy Birthday.

Same to you, pal.


Jo said...

Well Willie, either the dog is in your imagination or you now have a dog ??? He likes an arguement eh *S*
Write some more about your "friend".

Angharod said...

Who is the better raconteur, the dog or the meat patty?

Willie_W said...

The dog. He ate the meat patty.