Friday, December 28, 2007

Using Windows Live Writer

I've been dabbling about with Windows Live Spaces (all bow) this morning, mostly to see what can be done with their version of blogging. It kind of looks like a Microsoft version of Facebook. It has a profile section and a facility to Add Friends and so on. And it has a Live Writer application to download which allows one to add to one's blog by writing the blog while offline, then uploading to the blog later. It works for non Windows Live blogs too.

I am presently typing on a background similar in appearance to that used on WIDFIPOTP, which is a bit odd, because the usual Blogger interface is simple black text on white. I'll have to see if it can upload to more than one blog at a time later on.

I like the spelling checker and the familiar Windows stylee menu systems. Tags seem to need a slight bit more research. Blogger isn't included in the default values in the "Insert Tags" menu.

Update: Yes, it is possible to use the Writer to publish to two or more blogs, if not simultaneously, at least consecutively.

Links: Windows Live Spaces; Facebook


Angharod said...

You, Webby and I must be on some similar wave length...I was puttering in WLW the other day at the same time she was doing a simul-blog in Multiply/WLS. She is very happy with Multiply, but I find it too busy and just...TOO...

Happy New Year to you and yours!

Willie_W said...

Many Happy Returns, Angh.

Not amazingly impressed with the Live Writer, although it has the comfortably familar feel of using Word and so on. I may continue to use it for a while.