Friday, January 11, 2008

Who do you do?

Si Lytton, Willie's avatar in Second LifeIf you could be someone else for a while, who would it be?

Second Life, the "3D online virtual world", claims to have 50,000 people finding out the answer to this any given day.

The online world, which is free to explore, allows visitors to create a fantasy representative of themselves, called an avatar. Avatars come in basic patterns which can be modifed in appearance and dress. To explore the world, one sends one's avatar from place to place, on foot, driving, even flying, and in the process you get to see what other people have made in the form of virtual villages, shopping malls, gardens, apartments and houses. Avatars may "speak" with each other, dance, attend events. There is also a Second Life economy, based on imaginary land ownership and the Linden Dollar. Visitors may earn some play money for their online excursions or spend real cash to extend their character's possessions into buildings or to purchase an island of their very own.

Real world educators and charities have used Second Life to spread their message and to earn some real cash from donations. Bands have played Second Life concerts. I have visited a space centre and an ecological project where I've been lectured on wise use of fossil fuels. I've also had my male avatar kissed passionately by another male avatar quite unexpectedly, and been chased by a maniac in a steam roller! My character, Si Lytton, has also come fourth in a bull-riding machine hall of fame, failed miserably at managing to ice skate and spent 20 minutes sitting with a robot having a conversation about shoes.

Visit it. Take a look. See what you like or don't like.

You need to download some software to create an avatar and visit Second Life.

I'll be at Cheerz Bar, learning to dance.


Anonymous said...

Check your IMs for something from Normal Rayna. :)

Willie_W said...

Thanks for that. I look forward to hearing from you.

Angharod said...

I joined SL while still stuck with dialup...found it very complicated and hard to navigate. Uffie the Dane was waiting for me in one of the bars but I never was able to figure out how to get there. Maybe I'll try again...*S*

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

That`s sounds interesting. I think our dial up connection would spoil it but I might check it out anyway :)
Happy New!