Saturday, June 21, 2008

Thank you, the folk behind the statistics

I don't thank my visitors enough. I'll try to make amends.

"Thank you", the 1,307 visitors who have looked at my profile. "Thank you, too", the 14,426 (including me) who have visited the blog. You have looked at pages here 22,120 times, which is great.

I'd like to thank all the people who lost their instructions for erecting a gazebo. On quiet weeks, at certain times of the year, you form the majority of visitors and you tend to spend up to 15 minutes here. I suspect you're running in and out from the computer sticking lots of little metal tubes together. Fair play. I was doing the same only this afternoon.

Special appreciation goes to those who find the blog by Googling the phrase (sometimes in ALL CAPS, sometimes not): "I PEED MY PANTS." I hope you're feeling a bit drier now.

For everyone who is looking for a solution to a puzzle, "Hello!" and "Thanks for dropping by!" I've no puzzle pieces except the individual blog posts you briefly examine.

"Hi!" to the Laurel & Hardy fans who find the blog by clicking on the toothache photo. And to the occasional person interested in the George Best five pound note, I'm glad you stopped by.

"Cheers!" to those who use a saved version of an old email to come here, or have bookmarked my profile, or who otherwise use an old visit to make repeat jaunts. Your calling cards are dutifully noted by the hit counter and gratefully received.

And to anyone using the various blog aggregators to which this site is connected, I hope you're not disappointed in your visit here.

I'm not forgetting those using links from other blogs: I hope your use of those links so kindly provided by the thoughful authors of their own sites proved worth the effort.

Lastly, those who find the site by random or misdirected hyperlink: "Thank you" and I hope you, like all of us, find what you're seeking soon.

There are many people who think that blogging is an idle, futile, even embarrassing pursuit. They wouldn't do it themselves and they certainly don't understand anyone who does.

If you're one of these uncomprehending people, then please just move along. I've no great words for you, except that one of us, either you or me, has missed the point entirely. We should get out more. Probably.

Or something. Definitely something.


Angharod said...

ahh Willie, Thank You for being funny, and genuine, sharing not only the bits that bind us all, but the ones that keep us distinct and different.

Just came home from a too short hol over in my home state. I took the laptop along, yet was so engrossed in other 'stuff', the laptop never made it out of its case.

Keep on keepin' on...

Fitz said...

definitely maybe

Hagelrat said...

I get some funny looks from some of my friends wen they find out i blog. Such is life. :)
Good post.

Willie_W said...

Being a writer of any shade appears to bring out the negative in people. Blogging is as relevant a medium as any and now forms a large portion of information and opinion found on the Internet. Like the class system of old, some people see no contradiction between accepting and disseminating "facts" found on the Net in whatever form, while at the same time considering those who produce the content to be eccentric, even mildly undesirable. "Please use the tradesman's entrance."