Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Saulte to you Googlers

Saint Patrick's Day, a mild, sunny one. My hit counter is as imperfect as they come, but it does give a general idea of what is drawing traffic to the blog, WIDFIPOTP.

On sunny days, people want to put up gazebos.

On St Patrick's Day, people appear to wish to know what time the beer can be sold in the Offo, and what time in the pub.

So, let's raise a glass in the gazebo today for a 323% increase in visitor traffic, searching for "gazebo instructions" or "opening hours Saint Patrick's Day."

I write about other things too. No, really. I do.

Hope you had as fine a day as I had.


Mummy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

WILLIE !!!!!!!!! this is the only way I can think of to try and ask IS your mailing address changed ????? We meaning, your bruv, sister an myself have mailed you numerous times and got no replies. NOT that there is anything terribly urgent or we would be knocking on yer door. Check it out please. Let me know. Your sister Joan.

Angharod said...

And hey Willie...hope you weren't shopping at the DIY store yesterday...read about it in the RTE site. Gave me a start...

Willie_W said...

Joan>> All's well -- the technology appears to be working fine, thanks. As you say, nothing is terribly urgent. I'm busy and don't reply to every email I receive.

Willie_W said...

Angh>> Was there about an hour later. We were going to visit the store to look at some lighting and probably would have been in the same area to view what plants were in. When we arrived, the Gardai were there and staff were advising visitors the store was closed. A terrible tragedy. It appears a stack of fencing panels or poles collapsed somehow on top of the customer and when he was rescued he'd passed away.

Anonymous said...

I read about that accident, how awful. Joan

Anonymous said...

Hi Willie

Tis Frank from Maryland.
Figured ya fogeten me, for it has been some time sence we last chated.

Hope all is well and your writting is diong grand.

Are ya still writting your D&D mod?
If so I have a few books I can send ya. I think Angh still has my E-mail abby. Other that that take care a hope you and all of your love ones are well.


Willie_W said...

Hi Frank,

Yes I'm still doing D&D but not for publication so far anyway. I've a game group going in Second Life and we play each Thursday.

Hope all is well with you.


-- WW