Thursday, November 09, 2006

Male Brain

He: "Did you see Mrs Greene's son got married? The picture is in The Echo."
She: "Who?"
He: "Mrs Greene. Years ago. The nice lady used to come in for a small drinkie to the pub when we were going out first."
She: "Don't remember."
He: "Yes you do. Big family. I used to know her sons. The second eldest just got married."
She: "Is that the picture with the v-neckline and the confrabaliddle sleeve detail on the cuff over the white-you-may-call-it bustle-a-bob?"
He: "Huh...?"

He: "Went to a wedding on Saturday."
Lots of She workmates: "What was the dress like?"
He: "Em. White...?"
He: "So Claire had a baby boy."
She: "That's nice. What weight was it?"
He: "Urrm..."
He: "Grocery shopping? No problem. What do we need?"
She: "I have a list made."
He: "Okay. If I have to look like a man sent out with a list I shall."
She: "It's a list of all the things we don't need."
He: "Eh.....???"
He: "Shoes? Shop right over here."
She: "No good. Too expensive."
He: "Okay. Another shop over here."
She: "No good. Not as good a variety as the first shop."
He: "But the first one is too expensive."
She: "So...?"
She: "I still don't understand the offside trap."
He: "Easy. If the porcelain cat gets in behind the CD rack before I kick him the cat toy he's offside."
She: "Oh I finally understand! Hang on. No I don't."
She: "Who's that?"
He: "Frodo."
She: "I thought he was Bilbo."
He: "No that's his uncle. He gave him the ring, remember?"
She: "Oh yes. I remember. Sorry..."
She: "Who is that?"
He: "Saruman the White."
She: "You mean Sauron?"
He: "No Saruman. Gandalf's boss."
She: "Gandalf has a boss?"
He: "Yes."
She: "Gollem is a hobbit?"
He: "Yes. He was a hobbit a long time ago."
She: "He doesn't look like a hobbit."
He: "No. He's very old and the ring has corrupted him."
She: "What ring?"
She: "You hate me don't you?"
He: "No. I love you."
She: "How much."
He: "T-h-i-s much."
She: "Am I ruining the movie for you?"
He: "No. That's what they invented Pause buttons for."
She: "Who's that...?"

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