Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Found a penny

The day started quite well, with both eyes opening at around the same time. Herself said:

"I've to be in work early today. So goodbye."

I said: "Can you leave me busfare, then? I don't have any change."

So she counted out the busfare in tens, fives and pennies and left. I rub-a-dubbed, washed teeth, brushed hair, left for the bus.

I thought:

"I really don't have much money. I'd better go to the ATM."

So, I tapped keys and withdrew more than I wanted. Bloody machine! Never having the right notes!

Then I dropped 5 cent of my busfare into a crack in the path.

Now, I knew I could get to bend down as far as the ground, but the extra inch of depth was doubtful. I could, perhaps, throw one leg up into the air like a sumo wrestler. But the seam of my pants would probably not stand the strain. So I rummaged in my pockets and found another five-cent piece.

Not a word from the ATM on the subject either.

And as I walked away, I saw a penny, a shiny one, lying on the ground. Feck it.

For all I know they're both still there.

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Jo said...

As luck would have it eh Willie.

I have spent most of the morning clearing stuff from my son's vacant room (sniff). He still has box's in the room packed and ready to move to his nice new home. He is determind to have a tidy house himself ! I wonder where he is planning to put the clothes and two bags of HIS shoes still in my house ? A wardrobe half full of t-shirts he never wears hanging in my now second spare room. I want to get this room looking inviting for guesta if ever they want to visit us. I just got a call an hour ago from a good friend of 28 years standing wanting to visit with a friend of his who we know a long time also. They are from Sunderland. We have visited them and visa versa for a number of years off and on. They want to come for a weekend in the New Year. he was asking about a B&B up the road from us, run by an irish bloke who we also know.
"We have two spare rooms now" I let slip. ARGHHH, now I have to make sure the rooms are for guests. Not a problem really, just throw some stuff out !
A minimul room or two would be just grand. I remember all those years ago when our friends lived here in our town, them sleeping in sleeping bags on our floor when we lived in a flat. Those were the day's We had not got a care in the world. That is what you call friendship. it has lasted all those years. Mind you I still think the 70's were our best years. We had fun fun fun. It would be nice to see them again. They are staunch Sunderland soccer supporters and came to see us on their way to matches in London. One year, Sunderland were playing a match in London on Patrick's Day. The lads came down for the weekend and of course to see the match. Hubbie went with them to London and myself and my grown up kids hit the pub. Guess who was sober when they arrived back ! Sunderland won the match that day, so in true Irish tradition we celebrated both occaisions. We still talk about it 8 years ( give or take) later. We had a ball. I am sure I will be telling you about their visit in the New Year.