Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My turn to get the dread Lurgy, or its cousin

Was quite happy to get back to the day job yesterday, until, as it wore on the pressure in my lower jawbone and around my left eye hinted at the return of a seasonal tooth-and-synus problem. Possibly the notion of being in the office led to some involuntary jaw clenching, but as I went through the emails that had accumulated over my prolonged Christmas holiday, I was comfortable enough with what I found there. My colleagues had looked after my mails and the procedures necessary to keep work moving forward admirably.

"Do you suffer with synus?" my boss said when I complained in passing that I was starting to feel bunged up. "Have you any Sinutab? People who suffer with synus swear by Sinutab."

"Well, I have some problems with my teeth that are adding to it," I replied. "Possibly the start of an abcess."

That was enough.

"There's nothing worse than an abcess. You know, the only solution I could find to one was to hold my head under a cold tap for hours at a time?"

I nodded. My boss is prone to migraine, sweet tooth, and other maladies as a result of stress the same as I am. His solutions and stories are always entertaining though.

"I went to the doctor," he said, "And he gave me an injection for the pain. Well, Jesus Christ! I don't know what the drug was, but if someone had two of them you'd have a serious drugs problem in a minute!

"You see that building over there? Well I got home and I was as high as it! Floating!"

He then proceeded to tell me how the dentist had to drill his tooth (without an injection, which, he said, might help spread infection. I didn't quite see that logic, but however.) to relieve the abcess. I was glad I'd already had my dinner.

I got home last night and the pain started up properly. I had a night of half hours -- half an hour covering my face with a blanket. Half an hour sitting on the side of the bed. Half an hour holding my head up. Half an hour lying down. Each new movement relieved some problem or caused another one.

So, no work today. Antibiotics, pain killers, lots of fluids instead. I hope to get back to the office tomorrow.


Jo said...

Oh dear Willie, I hope you get sorted. Nothing so bad as to actually know from experience what is to come. "Keep yer chin up " , sorry could not resist. Get better soon. XXXX

Willie_W said...

"Keep yer chin up" indeed! Thanks, Sis...

The boss said to me yesterday:

"You know you could be lying a long time in your bed dying and the only fuckin' thing someone in this place would ask you is 'When are you coming back?'

"They wouldn't give a bollix. I know!"

So, taking his advice, I've taken another day off to finish off the tablets and so on.

Feeling very much better at the moment.

Angh said...

Are you still splayed out with this infection???
None of my business of course but was wondering if you'd tried and Saline nasal spray as an aid/deterrent. Ocean is the brand I use...and have even made my own when money is low. It seems to help. We're also using Airborne quite a bit, and it has saved me from colds, sinus trouble for a couple years now.
Hope you're on the mend and just busy.

Willie_W said...

Yes, I'm fine again, thanks. Antibiotics and Sinutab and Neurofen Plus later. Just back at work and pretty much wasted from that at the moment, so not much inspiration for the Blog. Hopefully back in the saddle soon.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Hope your tooth feels better and love Black Cat. We used to have bubblegum here years ago called black cat. Yummy licorise flavor.


Willie_W said...

Licorice was never my favourite, so I can't blame THAT on my bad teeth, at least!

The afore-mentioned Black Cat is marching up and down stamping his feet because he feels he should have his supper ten minutes early.

I shall resist! I shall resist!