Sunday, January 28, 2007

Paying monkeys with peanuts possibly to blame

I've had a vegetative day today in front of the television. It has been spoiled only a little by the lack of anyone in the More 4 television channel watching the More 4 television channel on a Sunday. During my interesting documentaries on the state of the world, all advertisements went like this:

"Buy che... car insur.... with Church.... rect."

Whatever machine plays the advertisements had the technological age equivalent of a piece of fluff on the stylus. And no-one at the television channel noticed.

If I owned a televison channel, I'd fire people from time to time. Then they wouldn't spend Sunday alsleep at the switch or reading the Beano with the volume turned down.

The state of the world is not good, by the way.

I may look for 5% of my subscription money back. I lost about 5% of the advertisements between programmes.

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Jo said...

Hey Willie, having changed our TV deal to Digital, we have lots more stations to watch. I know the prog you are talking about too.
One thing we have noticed is, the ads are on every ten minutes for ten minutes at a time according to my old man. It is very noticable how often we are sitting watching ads. Of course the other half has control of the remote most of the time, He flicks stations inbetween the ads and what a surprise, he gets ingrossed in another prog while waiting. There will be a huge arguement one day about how we manage to miss the next ten minutes of the show we were originally watching !! No wonder we only get ten minutes of anything !