Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tallaght St Patrick's Day Parade 2007

From Roderick Smyth:

"The parade is happening as promised.

"It will start at 3.30 on Tymon North Road, travel down Tallaght Road. The review stand will be opposite the Priory. And groups will disburse around the IT Tallaght.

"The Post Parade Award Ceremony will be held in and sponsored by The Plaza Hotel."

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Jo said...

We had a parade in put town too. This is the 6th year of celebrating St Patrick's Day in style here. It took off in our town those 6 years back and has now been celebrated by the Irish ( and other's ) in other Counties of England. I have never been to the actual parade but knew the Fury's were playing in the Square in the town, so I toddled off to town and met up with a few rellies. Heard half a song and went itno the pub ! I don't remember much about what the Fury's sang when I lived in Ireland. They pulled a nice enough crowd anyhow.
After two pints of Guinness and saluting my friend Angh, I went home for a rest before going out in the evening to the local pub. That is another story for another time *S*. No, I was fine, just the pub was so packed we ended up in the one across the road ! A good night anyhow.