Saturday, July 28, 2007

I couldn't have won €16,185,749 anyway

"You never play Lotto," Herself tells me, as if I hadn't noticed not throwing away €312 a year.
"No, I don't."
"You should play it today."
"Why's that then?"
"It's over sixteen million Euro. We could win."
"You have a ticket don't you?"
"Yes. But I'm not lucky with things like that. You are."
"How do you figure that one?"
"Well, because you don't play, you'd probably win."

I think this over. She says:
"You could walk up to the shop now and buy a Quick Pick."
"How much is it to play?"
"Naw. I can't really afford three Euro."
"But it's sixteen million Euro! Look! I'll drive you up. It'll only take a minute."
"No, you're all right."

The Lotto grand prize has apparently rolled over -- not been won -- eleven times in a row, making it a record-breaking €16,185,749 prize tonight. The news reported that two million people bought tickets for tonight's draw. A single ticket in the south of the country was the one with the winning numbers.

The best I could have won would have only been €8,092,874 anyway.

Not really tempting, is it?


Joan said...

Hey Willie, I understand your logic of not wanting to buy a Lotto ticket every week. BUT if no one bought the tickets, how could anyone become a Millionaire.
Even to buy now and again is giving you (and other's) a chance.
Saying that.........I read in the paper yesterday about the Irish Lotto. I was sorley tempted to buy a line or two. It would mean I would have to go up the road to the betting shop. Our ordinary shops don't do the Irish Lotto. I rambled as far as the local shop up the road from me and bought two lines for the English Lotto. Naw, got only one number when it was drawn.
My car is broken, I can't afford to fix it at the moment. I NEED some Lotto money to get a good runaround car. ANYONE ?

Anonymous said...

So A cork family won all those millions eh. Well done to them. I hope they will be very happy.

Willie_W said...

The money I get from a salary after years of having bugger-all is worth more to me than any Lotto win. I'm really looking forward to hearing that you're in a steady job and earning so that you can make solid plans and get the little extras that you need. It'll come soon. I was looking for "real work" for about as long as you are in this latest stretch when the day-job finally beckoned for me.