Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Under the weather

"I don't remember a Summer being this gloomy," Herself says. She is speaking about the weather, which showed definite promise in April when we got sunburn and optimism, but which, ever since, it seems, has dissolved into incessent rain and grey, grey cloud.

I was surveying at work yesterday and ducked under a tree that was laden down with winged seeds. Where the hell has autumn come from? We haven't had a summer yet!


Angharod said...

I'd happily share some of our summer's 105.3F at 3:00 pm 91.6F here at my desk, in the cool corner...Friday it's predicted to be really hot!

Willie_W said...

Yes, I'll have some of that, please. Provided it doesn't include cloud and rain.

Holler said...

I'll have some of that sun too! Everything is growing way too quickly in the garden!
I love the picture, by the way!

Willie_W said...

Available as a poster, I am informed. Just click on the picture.