Friday, November 02, 2007

Long Hard Day doin' nothing

My two eyes feel like someone is in the back of my head squeezing them by hand to produce something vinegary.

Herself and I sailed off into the lofty heights of a private hospital today to pick up some test results (and almost sailed off into some even higher heights when I suddenly directed her into a change of course in front of an oncoming van... Apologies to the driver who needed a change of underwear before ever having set foot in work!) and as the appointment was for the ungodly hour of 8.00am, we have been out of bed for too many hours already today.

The test results were fine, and weren't for me. The pain behind my eyes is just from the tension of (ironically) a day of not being at work.

Gas company arrived to put in the big yellow fuse. Their jackhammers and JCB with rockbreaker and the ever-popular mole going Thump! Thump! Thump! for hours has set my teeth on edge.

So I'm grumpy.

But you knew that already.

I mean I am noticeably more grumpy than usual.

But I have just found a €5 voucher for Woodies, so that is good. And I managed to load the dishwasher (the labour of it all...!) and get it started. And brought in washing. And mixed a little sand and cement and filled some holes in the side of the house. So maybe all is not as bad as it seems.

Plumbers promise to connect the heating system to the big yellow fuse next week.

Doubtless, I shall improve my humour as the ambient room temperature rises.

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Anonymous said...

For Gawds sake ! My central heating is down !!!!! Having had a new system put in some months ago, everything was just dandy. A check on the boiler some two weeks ago, turned out a fault somewhere. I made an appointment only to cancel it for one reason or another, to make another date soon, so I thought. I recieved a letter the other day to remind me to make an appointment, still not knowing what the fault was. I made an appointment for this coming Tuesday. Of course, it's all gone wrong now. Yesterday I noticed something wrong with the meter Phoned the meter people up FIVE times and after a check they are putting in a new meter next THURSDAY !! Now, the meter has nothing to do with the boiler...a different Co: sees to that. The meter people are my suppliers. I tried phoning my boiler people, they are not open today. Even if I phone the boiler people on Monday, I will probably have to wait till the appointed time on Tuesday. Why oh why do these things happen on a weekend ?. I am cold, I have to seek out some electric heaters I gave to my daughter a few years ago. Tonight is the big bonfire night our local Council hold every year, a wonderous exhibition. Already I have heard on the radio, the disc jockey's ( do they call them that still ??) telling everyone to wrap up warm if they are going to this free show, it is expected to be cold tonight. Brrrrrr.................. Joan