Sunday, February 10, 2008

Internet images free-for-all warnings

The Sunday Independent reports today that Internet users need to be careful of what they're posting in the images sections of personal blogs and social networking sites.

In a piece entitled, "Bloggers beware: that private picture could soon be very public", Niamh Horan tells the tale of a Dublin woman who posted a "risque" photo of herself in the "private" section of her profile, only to find it being used in a dating-site advert a few weeks later.

The message that everything Internet should be considered publicly-accessible obviously isn't being learned.

This week, I received an amusing email from my sister to say that her daughter, whose college project on "Family", was due this week, was watching a presentation prepared by another girl when a slide showing my mother, brother, sisters, me and the dog flashed up on screen!

"That's MY family!" my niece shouted out in surprise.

The photo, which has been several years on another personal Internet site, turned up in a Google trawl and was blithely added to the project.

The Indo goes on to say that Tuesday next is the fifth annual "Safer Internet Day".

[Photo of Webcam is from the Logitch Website. Buy their stuff to redeem me.]


Angharod said...

I've seen a photo that I took in Athenry on a number of occasions. It gave me pause and made me a wee bit angry because the photo had been photoshopped a little, but it didn't really LOOK any better. I think I had put it in Webshots, and most of them are fair game in a public album. It's always nice to be ASKED first however.

Hageltoast said...

lol, well i must admit i crib things that come up on google image searches, but i'm not particularly fussed if people crib from me either.

Willie_W said...

Angh >> Aye, it's a strange feeling, seeing the picture you owned in another context. A county library contacted me to tell me they had already used a photo from my website in the local studies section of their newsletter and was it alright. I said it was. But that they might ask in advance next time. When I relayed the news to my father he reminded me: "Isn't that the photo *I* own, that you used on the Internet without *MY* permission...?" LOL

Willie_W said...

hageltoast >> Welcome to the Blog and thanks for the link in your blogroll!

I don't mind people using images that originated with me (as distinct from the one's I nick instead!). But name credit would be good. And a recipricol link.

Anonymous said...

I was tickled when I heard the "Family " story. My God, what a picture to choose ! I wonder do people from the past see our pics up there Willie ? Oh dear. Joan