Friday, February 15, 2008

It's a hard life

Terrible start to the day. My bus was stuck behind another bus and on the back of this other bus was a twenty-foot high Eva Longoria. I had to sit there wondering if it was a corset or not. I know the nose was not an original. And there was at least a whole can of hairspray involved in the picture taking.

The advert -- for a magazine -- read:

"Why Eva will never be desperate."

Well, your face is on the back of a bus, missus...

Work is a raddled arse at the moment. I shall not dwell on it too much.

Towards quitting time, Herself rang me to say there was a gas leak at home. I suggested she phone the gas company. This was 16:10 or thereabouts.
"Are you in Knocklyon?" she was asked.
"Anywhere near Glenvara?"
"Well... Maybe."
"Oh that's the source of the smell then. We had a gas main pulled up earlier. You can switch your boiler back on."
"Are you sending anyone out?"
"Oh yes."
It's 22:11 and we've not blown up and we've not had anyone with something with a sniffer on its end turn up. Boiler is back on anyway. No smell of gas anywhere. Must have been the gas main in Glenvara, eh?
Clever people, those Bord Gáis customer care folks.

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