Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Falling Slowly - Hansard and Irglova

An unofficial music video. Let's see how long it can stay up before the corporate boys start blocking.


Angharod said...

Watched Once last night...I was intrigued rather than entertained, but Himself didn't enjoy it at all.

I'm going to try it on my computer and see if the sound quality is better, before I send it back to Netflix.

Hansard was downright rude to Irglova at the Oscar awards, and I'm glad they brought her back out to at least get a word in. Maybe it was just nerves on his part, but that was no excuse to ignore her.

Fitz said...

I've never had much time for Hansard. What he did at the Oscars is consistent. He's probably a superb songwriter (more people buy his CDs than mine... that's a clue) but his demeanour and behaviour just gets in the way for me.

And as for Van 'Victor Meldrue' Morrison... don't get me started !

Anonymous said...

My daughter's and myself went to see Once last night. Dunno, same as Angh, was not too impressed myself. The daughter's thought it was very good. I kept expecting something "more" to happen. Was it just me ?
Also included in out Irish night at the movies was a film called Hear My Song. An Irish tenor, who's name I can't remember was the main sort of bit of the story. I actually enjoyed that film. Maybe the humour. Joan