Friday, March 14, 2008

Invasion of the Kibble Snatchers

This gad-about-town has decided he lives with us.

I say "he", at a guess, because the Ginger Puss (see, we've named him already...!) is a bit thick and this is a male trait among pussy cats.

When he appeared on the scene aboutMarch 2007, he caused a ruckus with our two outdoor moggies, especially as he wished to go into their rather luxurious shed / cat house, eat their foot, drink their water, shit in their litter tray and sleep on their window ledge.

Our black cat, a neutred tom, did his best in terms of bluster, singing voice, and puffing himself up like a bottle brush. Ginger Puss was unimpressed.

I did my best, puffing myself up like a bottle brush and rushing out into the garden at odd hours armed with mugs of ice-cold water. Ginger Puss was wetted, run off, but, it seems, not discouraged. He would clamber up slowly onto the wall, or a shed roof, and meow most pitifully at the sheer cruelty of a world where a perfectly adorable, handsome pussy cat like he would be attacked without reason.

Then he decided that being chased, splashed, swiped at by a black cat, and generally set-upon was simply what happened at our house. He turned up every day.

I was tiling in the front porch one morning with the front door opened when he sidled past. He meowed a greeting as if to say:

"There's that purple monkey that keeps spilling his drink in the garden. Better say hello, I suppose."

One dark evening, I spied him on top of a wheel bin and as I had just put the cats to bed and was coming back down the path with a flashlight, I dazzled him long enough to get within swiping distance. He heard me at the very last moment and only took a half-hearted skelp from the back of my hand before sliding down the bin and up the fence, already chorusing mournfully how innocent he was in the cruel, cruel world.

The other evening, Herself called our evening mantra: "Come on, cats!" and there was the usual procession down the path towards the shed. Part way there she realised there were three cats instead of two. She shooed Ginger Puss off but he ended up nose to the shed door, waiting to be let in and fed like the others. He had an expression on his face of "Well, you called for cats. I'm a cat. Open the bloody door then!"

What are we going to do?


Anonymous said...

Awww da poor aul crature! I wouldn't have the heart to ignore him anyway, I'd have him adopted :) Are your own two any bit more used to him now? On a practical note, might want to have him checked out by a vet for anything he might pass on to your two babies. He reminds me of a stray tom that used to wander through our backyard. Check out the painting of him on one of my recent posts. It's like a wanted poster for your unwanted guest, :D !!

Holler said...

What can you do?

Betty the Sheep said...

Looks like a pretty fine cat to me and by the sounds of it hard to ignore!

Willie_W said...

It's alright for you lot....! It ain't your cats' food he's eating... not your back door he's piddling upon! And on a rainy night, not your window he's meowing at to come in.

Freeloader pussycat...!

Angharod said... to da hand Willie...remember I'm the ringmaster of The Gang of Five. Four of them were walk-ons...and they WON'T go outside except to walk about the veranda in winter; in summer they'll stay out all day unless they need to go to the litter-rooms (they have more facilities than WE do). We've had a black neighbor git visiting once in awhile, but thank goodness the gang has scared her off so far.

Hageltoast said...

Just check he's neutered and wormed and welcome him home. :)