Friday, August 01, 2008

Spot the error

As I've been home a lot lately, I've been watching daytime telly and been targeted by the advertisers there. Seemingly, they are more interested in having my cash than in proofing their own adverts.

For a while I've been watching one of those no-win no-fee compensation company adverts and wondering what was wrong with it. The guy reading the script relates how:

"There were a load of kids at the bus stop. I had slowed down but maybe he couldn't see em. He just backed out..."

Now, I may be wrong, but surely the actor reading the script was meant to say:

"There were a load of kids at the bus stop. I had slowed down but maybe he couldn't see me. He just backed out..."

No-one noticed a typo in the script, do you think...!

Have a listen yourself:

Finally Ultralase, a company which specialises in laser eye surgery. The lady doing the voiceover clearly mentions Irish recognition technology. Read that again.

Here's the ad... the sound is a small bit muffled, but on TV it's Irish recognition technology all the way. Could be useful for Immigration, I suppose.

Jonathan Edwards has laser eye surgery with Ultralase @ Yahoo! Video


Hagelrat said...

o, my biggest problem with that advert, keep in mind I determine bus stop locations for my job, is that they relocate it to somewhere where there is no demand. There was no problem with the visibility splay, the driver should not reverse onto a main road and most bus stops in cities are near houses, where there are people to use them!! GRRR. I have obviously ranted about this a few times.

Sinead said...

Willie, I like that you noticed that. I've heard that ad about 200 times in the past few months (yes, I SHOULD go back to work...)The first time I saw it, and he said "he mustn't have seen THEM" I thought we were about to see the kids become human skittles!!! They're gas, those claims ads. I love the one where the bloke says somebody else "gave me the wrong ladder". It's always someone elses fault..... haha.

Willie_W said...

He said: "he mustn't have seen 'em".

I think the line was supposed to be "he mustn't have seen me." But someone typed "em" instead of "me". And no-one noticed.

Derrick said...

wow, you have good ears! i didn't notice that at first as well, until you mentioned.

Angh said...'s time you check in, innit?

Summer's on the run...what's going on in soggy ol' Ireland?