Friday, July 25, 2008

It's D-Day...!

...where the "D" stands for "Dentist". Or "Dread." Or "Drew out three of my feckin' teeth."

Yep, 12.30pm today yer man will be prying out three broken teeth and ending this prolonged and recurring illness I've laboured under (or not laboured under, being out of work for nearly six weeks now).

Wish me luck.

I may be some time.

Ooh-er, missus....!


Angharod said...

Hopefully you'll feel much better in a very short while. Mind the dentist now, there's a good lad.

Sue the pants off of 'im if he pulls the wrong teeth!

Willie_W said...

Well he pulled the right one, thank you, and two from the left...! The happy little chappies were rotten to the roots and had the distinction of having three roots each, so some moiing and toiling ensued. I only groaned a little when he was using the needle to numb the ol' gob. Otherwise, the actual removal of the baddies took all of ten minutes and he did such a good job that the three sockets are just about closed up. Only a mild ache in one last evening, so it's a world of difference.

"You have some more work to be gone," he tells me. Hopefully not including more of the same.

The relief is something else.

Hagelrat said...

EEp. I had a root canal last time. *shudder*