Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Saint Valentine's Day

Translation, (but the original French is much better, I think) courtesy of this site:

The blue sky can collapse on us
And the earth fall to ruins,
I don't care, as long as you love me.
I don't care a damn about the world.
As long as love lights my mornings
As long as my body trembles under your hands
I care little about problems
My love since you love me.
I would go to the end of the world

I would have my hair died blonde
If you asked me.
I would go and unhook the moon
I would go and steal a fortune
If you asked me.
I would reject my country
I would reject all my friends if you asked me.
People can laugh at me
I would do anything
If you asked me.

If one day life tears you away from me
If you die whilst away from me I
don't care as long as you love me
Because I will die too
We will have eternity all to us
In the blue all immensity
In heaven no more problems,
My love, do you believe we love each other
As God reunites those that love one another.

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