Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Three years old and 43

This aul' blog got to wear an "I am 3" badge on February 6th, 2009 (I accidentally notice).

(As I write this, Herself tells me Leonard Cohen is very loud for next door. There's Leonard Cohen irony in there somewhere, I bet. "He was blogging, but poor Leonard, he had to go down, down, down....")

Anyway, as I turn off Leonard, here's a Happy Birthday to you, aul' blog!

Me, I get to be 43 on 20th February, a considerable achievement in the life of... well, an-almost 43 year old.
My sister happened upon a photo of the Big Snow of 1982 while clearing out the very last items of my father's house, which shows what "real snow" looks like in Ireland (as distinct from the shallow stuff, comparitively speaking, that we've had over the past couple of weeks.... or was it days? I can't remember, really.) Left to right is Spider O'Toole, Whacker, and me. The calendar would make me about 16 or thereabouts, and zooming in on the blurred image of us (we were standing quite far from the camera as the shot was more to do with the snow than with us), it's hard to believe that in that year Spider and I started being served beer in pubs. Small wonder it only took two pints to put me on my ear.
Night, night.


Anonymous said...

A great pic Willie, Spider will always be the tallest *S*. Snow ! we got more this evening here in England, tis not funny now, tis getting boring. The roads are lethel. The Midlands and Scotland are the worst. I dodged all last week driving around in my van, now I have to do it again tomorrow.

Happy Birthday to your Blog !.
Imagine it is three years since we celebrated your 40th.
My Birthday in January decided me to be "50 something" for the next ten years at least. Age is only a number they say.............who say's ?? If a person does not want to be a certain age LIE about it *S*....... Joan

Fitz said...

Is that 'Whacker' Ciaran McDonnell?

Somewhere I have a couple of photos from that blizzard. We got a couple weeks off school I remember, right after the christmas holidays too.

Happy Birthday Willie.

D'ye fancy a pint ? Blades ?
I'll bring me duffle coat.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Willie XXXXXXXXXX Joan

Anonymous said...

Happy belated Bday Willie.
How your special day was grand.

Your freind over the pond
Frank Flanagan