Monday, February 13, 2006

Ecker and other inconveniences

I'm dawg tired this evening, and there isn't a spud peeled or a cat napped in the house yet. Looking at the Blog a few minutes ago, I was thinking of it like homework after a long schoolday. Let's hope that feeling doesn't last!

'Homework Exercises' (or 'Ecker' as we elegantly called them) are what Irish school teachers like to heap upon the miserable in their charges. Not only do we suffer a 9.00am to 3.00pm school day until around age 13, we also get to do homework in all the subjects towards the following day's lessons. Personally, I suspect the idea was an excuse to get us home before dark. I can tell you that the bogie man and banshee did more to scoot me across the fields than ever the fear of a teacher's cane did when I was younger!

I thank whoever is listening each morning as I pass the forlorn faces in school uniforms that I no longer have to go to school. No matter how stressful a day I'm having, there's no snide Irish teacher to confound me with verbs, or a Maths teacher to roar at me over multiplication any more. And no Ecker.

Cats to feed and spuds to peel and cook, though. That's my Ecker these days. Onwards and upwards.


Anonymous said...

Nice story Willie, I never missed not going to school once I left the place. Glad I am not a school kid these days. Ok I am well gone past school days *S*

fitz said...

fitz here

I was thinking about this last week when helping our 11 year old with some homework. Something is different nowadays though - it's not fearful and not overwhelming.

Our 9 year old's homework was to listen to Elvis. I kid you not.

Willie_W said...

I remember getting up an hour earlier than normal to finish homework, then struggling to keep awake at school because of it. What you gained in the ecker, you lost in the lack of concentration.

Glad to hear The King makes the homework schedule these days. I must write a line or two about the morning he died.