Sunday, February 05, 2006

The obligatory Welcome post

I've not used a Blog before, though I've browsed and been entertained, amused, bemused by many I've read in the past. One thing which bothers me is the necessity to update. It feels like work I'm unlikely to do regularly.

My name is Willie Walsh. I live in a place called Dublin, which is on the east part of the island called Ireland. Ireland is the island to the west of Britain. Britain includes England, Wales, Scotland, and is also known as the "United Kingdom of Britain & Northern Ireland." I live in the southern portion of Ireland, not Northern Ireland. So I'm in the east part of the south of Ireland, not in the U.K. Okay?

I know. It's confusing. To add to the tale, Ireland is part of the European Union, which means we live in Europe. But as an island, we're not part of Europe. This kind of thinking is common on islands, I'm told. "Island mentality" they call it.

You may find other forms of mentality in this Blog as we go along. I have yet to decide on its direction.

I am certain, however, that part of the reason for starting this Blog is to transfer some writings, either previously published or relatively "new", to a home where people might actually get to see them. My old website is in a backwater and is seldom visited. Unfortunately, I have to number myself among the majority who do not visit there very often. This may bode ill for the likelihood of my updating the Blog so let's hope we're pointing at this post and laughing this time next... whenever....

A few pointers to my friends and future friends who may have visited here without having seen the workings of a Blog before: The posts are dated, and usually the newer posts appear at the top. You can add a comment by using that handy "Comment" hyperlink at the foot of each post. I think you may have to register, though, before you can post.

Enjoy the Blog. If you do, please use that handy hyperlink.

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