Sunday, May 07, 2006

All over bar the grouting

The fiddly half-tiles take the longest to stick on the wall. It's best to have a new cutter, even if the job is more than half-way through, because the blunt nature of the older tool is a false economy by this stage. You've worn it out on learning how not to break tiles. Like most other jobs, the skill levels increase the nearer one is to concluding.

Last night I mixed some tile grout and got to work with a makeshift spreader (I'm told it's used to de-ice the freezer, but it looks like a cake icer to me). I have a nice spongy-based grouting trowel someplace, but can't put my hands on it. The result is a square meter of finished tiles which stand out wonderfully from their ungrouted fellows. Today I hope to finish off the entire section. Some mastic joints and we can start thinking of boxing in the fridge and carrying on with the rest of the kitchen.

This morning I've been amusing myself with cataloguing the Search Terms used by people who found the Blog by Search Engine. The majority are passing through in search of other sites and subjects. Putting the whole lot into Google comes up with a negative result, oddly enough. The past 100 visitors had among their number the following search terms:

lost propertynote writing
flat head syndrome
tallaght ford
"wav file" "i did it my way"
cavity tv antenne coca
photos cine women
lyrics to hr puffinstuff
hr puffinstuff wav
motor tax dunlaoghaire
tallaght 99 fm
hr puffinstuff song wav
exposition writing piece
old bawn gymnastics

Has HR Pufnstuf become a new cultural hero or are my fellow 40-somethings on a nostalgia trip? I notice that all Puffy fans in the searches are from the USA, by the way.

[Pic of Pufnstuf courtesy of Interesting article on the drugs references in the show.]


Anonymous said...

Come and do mine Willie.

Willie_W said...

Your tiles or your drugs?

Angh said...

"you can fiddle wit' me spout,
you can trowel me grout,
and I won't make a scene;
But you mustn't in yer life,
Touch me Thooor-a-zineeeeeeee"