Saturday, May 27, 2006

Feet up... I'm trying to wash the floor here

Day 16 in the Big Balloon House. Today it is time to wash the living-room floor, so the balloons are all herded onto a corner of the sofa. Some are beginning to look a little worse for wear. There are fingerprints on some, while about half of the total number are slightly deflated. They haven't gone into balloon middle-age just yet. That would be indicated by a generally flacid appearance and a stretchy, loose skin. In balloon years, these ones are in their 30s. Balloon gym might arrest some of the symptoms, but they'd only pay a subscription then not bother attending. I'm not going to let them become couch potatoes either. As soon as the floor dries, its back onto it melads!

That's a teddy bear being smothered by the yellow balloon, a la an episode of The Prisoner. The blanket belongs to a cat. You are beginning to get a feeling for the kind of house we live in by now.


Declan Coyle said...

Great stories mate. Found your site by mistake. I'm from Tallaght originally but living over in Sydney now. Not trying to chat you up, just getting to the point that it was good to read about places/pubs I had been to. Might put a link to your site on mine if you dont mind. Dec

Willie_W said...

No problem, Dec. I was found by mistake in the first place anyhow, I'm told... Nice to hear the nice comments. By all means, link away, and thanks for the kind thoughts.