Sunday, May 14, 2006

Rising 2

Balloons show a decidedly callous attitude to the death of a friend. We have had our tribe of multi-coloured spheroids for two nights now, and one of them -- a blue specimen, who always looked a little more sickly than the others -- has shrivelled up into the size of a duck egg and lies pathetically ignored in the middle of the herd.

They also have a tendency to graze in different directions, which I find odd. Little clusters have developed, some by the occasional table, another threesome peering into the cat's dish, a third looking disinterested in the middle of the floor, and a fourth group made up of a few die-hards still watching television whether anything is on or not.

They got so unruly tonight that Herself herded them all together again with a "Shuck! Shuck! Shuck!" noise I hadn't heard before, but which I immediately associated with gathering errant ducks.

Only "Doctor Who" rivetted their attention on Saturday. The rest of the time they looked kind of sullen. I know for a fact the replacement for the dead blue balloon is already displaying signs of being a loner. It keeps away from the others a little.

I have a short video of them swaying to a music television channel, but can't upload it in its current configuration to the Blog. When I do, you'll believe me when I say that they live strange lives of their own.

I toyed with the idea of resuccitating the dead blue balloon, but couldn't undo the knot.

There's a lesson in there for us all.


fitz said...

You want to be careful with them there balloons Willie.

First chance they get there'll be all night parties... and then where will you be ? On the street laddie.

Don't say you weren't warned.

Willie_W said...

I had toyed with the idea of bringing them outside into the back garden for some fresh air, but today's gales have put me off a bit.