Friday, August 25, 2006

The eighth plague of Egypt

"I'm tired looking at the box of chocolates. Bring it into work."

So I dutifully obeyed. A two-pound box of Cadbury milk chocolates. General, ordinary sweets are something no-one eats among my workmates, until one actually goes looking for one. Then there are none left. Obviously they evaporate into the air or something, quite spontaneously.

"I'll be given out to by the Weight Watchers woman," was one complaint I heard. Nonetheless, the hand went into the box and made a selection.

"Who brought them in?" was the accusatory tone of another. It was accompanied by the sound of rummaging.

Yesterday I looked at the discarded box and wrapping. One whole day they had lasted, which is something of a record.

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Peter in Dublin (aka Fitz) said...

I do talk some shite don't I ?