Friday, March 24, 2006

The Indecipherable Lyrics Round

We used to watch the television quiz show, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, quite a lot and we still tune in from time to time. The format is that of an anarchic pop music quiz, hosted by Marc Lamaar, and one of the rounds I used to particularly enjoy (alas now dispensed with) was the "Indecipherable Lyrics" round. In this, the contestants were played a clip from a music video in which the singer or singers were particularly muddy, to say the least, in the pronunciation department. They would first of all say what the lyrics sounded like to them, which was invariably hilarious, as they then sang the comedy lyrics over the soundtrack, then in order to get the points in the quiz they would try to recite the actual lyrics.

I was pleased to find a Website entitled "" some time ago. It had the same "what I thought they said" and "what they actually said" format. The ACDC song, "Dirty Deeds done dirt cheap" sounds exactly like "Dirty Deeds done with sheep" once that thought has been planted in your mind. Our family has someone who really thought Jimi Hendrix was singing "Excuse me while I kiss this guy" and another one who thought the T-Rex song, "Metal Guru" went "Minnie the Loop, is it you?". Lately, listening to Bon Jovi's song, "It's my life", it wasn't until I heard the song on headphones that the line "Like Frankie said, I did it my way" wasn't being sung by yours truly as "Like Frankenstein, I did it my way."

I really wish they'd bring that round back into the show.

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