Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Mammy always told me to check my pockets before putting clothes in the wash

First published on the Dublin South-West Forum

My mobile phone had two voicemail messages last night, so I looked to see who they might be from and my old pal Ronan came up on the missed calls list.

I connected to the message minder and heard a long, protracted "message", obviously the result of an accidental phone call. The television news was the only distinct and recognisable part, newsreader Eileen Dunne expounding on the state of the world in the background, while brief snatches of Ronan, his wife and at least one child in conversation spun in and out of the crackling background noise.

Then near the end, a light began to dawn... The crackling interference had a particular rhythm... It went

Whirrr... Whirrr... Whirrr... Whirrr.... clunk
Whirrr... Whirrr... Whirrr... Whirrr.... clunk

Now I'd like to believe that Ronan's phone was on the washing machine, but I have a terrible feeling it was actually in the washing machine....

Oh dear.


Anonymous said...

Talking of washing things in the machine. Hubbie went on a fishing holiday two weeks ago. I decided to wash the jacket he had been wearing when he got back. Later when ironing the said jacket I noticed "something" in the inside pocket. His PASSPORT ! Panic stations for me. Had to wait till the Irish passport office opened in London on the Monday. I phoned up and ordered a new applicatiion form. The forms came the next day. Irish forms only allow certain people to sign as witness's. He has never been to the Doctor and as for a priest, forget it. I had asked a chap we know who works as a civilian in the cop shop to witness it last time. He was not there when I phoned but they took my number. He never called back. Next was the Accountant, he was not in, today I phoned our local councillor, he was in and as I explained my predicament he said of course he would sign it. He actually does know us. The funny thing is, we are going to meet up in the snug bar of our local pub. The not so funny things are, Hubbie does not know of my mishap yet and that he has to get pics taken.............. and that it costs 53 pounds. Yikes. my senior moments are costing me dearly.

Anonymous said...

Ok, an update on the passport saga. I casually told hubbie to wash and get his hair combed as he was getting his pic taken. "Fer what ?" he asked looking puzzled. I washed your passport the other day. Well, the look on him-selfs face ! A little bit of a "it only happens to me thing" and a laugh from me and we were on our way. He got the pics done and hopefully they are ok. Wonder do they look too dark ? LOL A proper passprt photo booth, so they should be fine, she says with fingers crossed. I am meeting up with the Councellor, in the snug bar (snigger) late afternoon today. Whew, will send off the envelope on Monday.