Monday, July 10, 2006

Horizontal shopping

Proving my point from my post on the overuse of speed, wherever possible, on Dublin buses, I observed three ladies whose shopping bags -- quite heavy ones -- went completely from the six o'clock vertical position to the three o'clock horizontal position while they gamely tried to stay upright as the bus-driver braked mercilessly coming to their stop.

"T'anks," one woman said.


Anonymous said...

I laughed at the picture in my mind of the women balancing on the bus. Is it only in Dublin that the driver's have to be so manic that the passenger takes their lives in their hands even trying to get seated ?. I used to be scared wit-less at some drivers antics.

Peter in Dublin said...

took the bus into town on thursday (work night out so was leaving the vehicle at home)

it wasn't the driver
it wasn't the road
it wasn't the fumes

it was the chap with the near-full can of Dutch Gold in his jacket pocket who decided to sit beside me.

"starrrrrrrrry bud?"
at this point do i pretent not to speak english or would that be inadvisable?
before I could reply he takes out his mobile phone and proceeds to stare at the screen while trying to to send a text. moving the phone nearer to his eyes in an attempt to stop the letters moving around i guess.

a few minutes later he gives up
"mark? maaaaaaarh..k ? statue? lookitsmartin ... yeah. ... yeah.. be there in fi minits roigh? fucksake.. said be there in fi minits......fuckin mobiles......"

I had a delightful meal courtesy of our Fiscal Year Morale Budget and then proceeded to get rat-arsed on Black Bush in some bar.

My mate Paul who drives a taxi was very kind and took me home.

I didn't go to the office next day.
Neither did most of the people in the office. We all logged on and worked in a virtual hungover world via email.

Willie_W said...

Fiscal Year Morale Budget.

Don't leave home without one.

Peter in Dublin said...

Fiscal and Morale were my besht mates deyeh no dah?

Willie_W said...

Fiscal & Morale Investigations. Should be on Men & Motors TV channel.

Anonymous said...

Joan in England,
Peter, loved your story. Dublin is the only place I would feel ok with a drunk sitting beside me (maybe).

Anonymous said...

Stupid question ! Just saw why I was annnnunnnnumus. Sorry *S*