Saturday, July 08, 2006

Industrious Saturday

A quiet start to the day here so far. Herself, who has to go to work for part of Saturday morning, found that the boss had managed to go on leave without arranging for another boss. And as a boss must be on hand to set everyone else in motion, work couldn't begin for two hours after the usual startup time until a new boss was co-opted in. So she'll be late home.

I've been occupying myself with breakfasting and finding out how to get around the Blogger bug that prevented me uploading images these past couple of days. It appears that if you upload an image before posting any text, it will work. Simple work-around, but as ever tough to find an answer.

The doorbell rang about an hour ago and I could see a car and a kid in the driveway through the glass, so, wondering who the heck this was I opened the door to find a man and a kid and a car.

"Have I got the wrong house?" the man asks.

"I don't know. Who are you looking for?"

When we established no-one he was looking for lived here, he looked a little angrily at the kid, then asked if a named neighbour's house was nearby. I directed him and went back to doing nothing.

Then the cat insisted I fix the loose hinge on the door to his shed, so I managed that. I had intended posting a picture of a screwdriver to illustrate the intense level of industry, but I happened upon a different type of image of a screwdriver and it looked more interesting.

Herself will be frazzled when she finally gets home. I shall arrange for coffee and a bun and put on my best listening ears I think. She can supply the cigarettes.


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