Sunday, July 30, 2006

And the livin' is easy

I've finally made it to my annual leave, which starts tomorrow for two weeks. No more... well, no more doing so many undesirable things that I just don't want to recall any of them to mind, really.

I've been in holiday mode for about a week in my mind, so the transition won't be as abrupt as, say two years ago, when Herself and I sat looking at each other for about one week of our two weeks holiday wondering what you do on leave. Nor like last year, when, improving as we were, the crossover from work mode to holiday took three of four days. This year I'm ready to rock.

Don't know what's wrong with the head, though. Depression being a fine companion these past decades, one usually is aware of what's bringing one's mood down. At worst, it tends to affect in a way I can cope with by using a step-by-step solution. Some days that can be as bad as "Okay. You've reached the bathroom. Now turn on the tap. You've washed the face. Now apply the shaving foam...." and so on. This time, I have the same feeling one gets with writers block. A kind of frustration. An inability to do anything constructive.

I suspect it is the unrelenting good weather, which we Irish are unaccustomed to dealing with! Balmy nights of broken sleep due to heat and poor air circulation have continued for several weeks now. This past week, things have cooled down and some semblance of normality is returning to sleep patterns.

I note too that Herself and I were both like the people in those old Golden Pages television adverts, where disaster was averted at the last minute by the services available in the phone book, and whose sighed hugely with relief when the problem was averted. High pressure work being removed (even with my mental preparedness this year) has resulted in the two of us doing passable impersonations of rag dolls these past couple of days. Tomorrow, when Monday rolls around and neither of us walk into a busy office, will hopefully see us getting into true holiday mode. I'll keep you posted.


Angharod said...

OH I hope so too, two dig yourself out of the rutinthemaking stage...hurry, don't waver like docile balloons...FLY away fast for a bit, in all directions if you must. I know whereof I speak, children. Go play outside, can't you? Trust me, there's nothing more important, right now.

Anonymous said...

Hey Willie, I agree with Angh, take a step back from everything and make this a "clear the brain" holiday. it is hard to focus if you brain is cluttered. You two live so near a few seaside places, I would be jumping in the car for a day out walking along a beach somewhere. Or rambling on a not so high mountain *S*. Fresh air can do wonders LOL makes you sleep well anyhow.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Have a lovely holiday off. Your blog looks like a fun place to visit !


Willie_W said...

Thanks everyone for the kind comments. The holidays are going quite well at the moment. One whole week (and a day) to go!

Notes From Dixon said...

Good Mornin' Willie.

You've a few more days getting some fun done. Noted your reference to depression. I didn't think it was allowed in Ireland, though I've noted a few people sulking there. Does that count?

The damn ol' world has gone bonkers for certain. The Israelis bomb Hizzbulla who lights rockets to land on Israelis and all the while Kofi Annan lines his pockets.

Pres. Bush, Jr. and Tony Blair are smelling roses in the garden while the people of Kenya and Sudan die of thirst for lack of clean water.

Meanwhile, Dublin rolls along, the river in the middle gets has turned from blue to muddy but the Guiness tastes better than ever. Go figure. And you are depressed about something. What in the Charlie Dickens could it be?

Aha! The light goes on. You and the Mrs. might consider throwing caution to the winds, clearing the ol' brains - and plan some walks. Not ordinary walks of course.

There is so much to see, so much that is beautiful, so much that is interesting, so much that is inspiring, so much get the point.

If you can manage to get around the house, you can also manage to walk around the block. Just plan to do it in special places.Like Angharod says, preferably outdoors where there are children playing and the sun is shining.

Observe carefully. Keep a log of sorts. Later you might, on a rainy dismal day, transfer your impressions from between your ears to a blog.

I've been married to the same pretty girl for 48 years. Largely because of her persistance and her prods, we have always (that I can remember) enjoyed our holidays together. In recent times we have done more or less what I outlined above. Works for us!

'tis a great life if you don't weaken.


Willie_W said...

Depression ain't allowed anywhere, Dixon. That's part of the problem...!