Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Not life and death

I dropped into work for half and hour after Nell's funeral to check everything was okay, then took some time to sit and contemplate the matter of life and death for the afternoon. The tent-like gazebo is not as securely fixed to the ground as I should like this time, as I was under orders to take account of a need for clean, dry clothes and keep it out of the way of the washing line. So it's kind of mated with one of the sheds to one side, and standing unsecured on concrete slabs on the other. Also, the breeze is noticeably stronger than on its previous outing.

In any case, a few creaks and occasional flapping noises notwithstanding, it was a hot afternoon in Dublin yesterday. The cats were being polite by sitting with me, but preferred the cooler, deeper shade of the shrubbery into which they returned after 20 minutes or so.

We had a solemn type of day what with everything.

Then in the evening time as I was coming out to the kitchen I saw the gazebo shudder and quake as it about to take off. For a second, I thought the wind had really picked up and the whole thing was heading away into the blue yonder. Then I realised the breeze was no stronger than earlier. Instead, our black cat was having great fun using the roof as a trampoline. He jumped from the shed roof onto the green vynyl and then pogo-ed at random about the place, causing the crazy rocking. All I could see between jumps was the tips of two black ears poking over one of the roof ribs.

I called the rest of the family to watch but he heard us moving about and knowing well that he was being a naughty puss he scooted to unforbidden territory down on the ground. Fecker. I had to tighten up a few bits, but no harm done. Must keep an eye on his antics in case he punches any holes.

You can always rely on a cat to liven things up.

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Anonymous said...

LOL wonderful

Willie_W said...

I've added a few additional guy wires since. Simply to keep the cat airbourne, you understand...

Angharod said...

May you always have balloons and cats when you need them.

Condolences on the loss of your Aunt Nell. Your tribute was moving, and whoever chose the song made a good job. A hard, but really joyous piece of music.

Keep yer balloons herded and yer cats flyin'.