Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas shopping is not man's work, II

"Not going to Boots... Not going to Boots... Not going to Boots..."

There is a dearth of personalised presents this year. I'm having great difficulty finding quality, interesting, meaningful gifts without surrendering to the "Three for two" bandwagon.

So, when I found myself after much disappointment browsing the shelves of Boots and could find little of interest even there... and then found myself at the head of the queue carrying only two items, with 20 or so people queuing behind me, and the girl assistant said:

"You know, sir, because both of those have Three-For-Two stickers, you can go back, if you like, and choose another item free?"

I said: "Nurrrrgh..!"

"Sorry, sir?"




Fitz said...


for men ?

Have I missed something ?

Look at me ferchrissssakes ! It's MORE hair I need ! NOT LESS !

Anonymous said...

[quote]Have I missed domething ?[/quote]

Quite a bit of hair, I think....