Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Thump and Groan

Noises from outdoors this afternoon:





The sounds of people walking into trees in the fog.

It's creeping down from the mountain like a timid, grey tide. You look around and it's on the far side of the field. Look away for a moment and it has crept a few more yards closer. I'd swear it's trying to look innocent each time I peer back, as if it isn't shuffling nearer as soon as my head is turned.

The weather forecast says there will be no breeze to shift it until later tomorrow afternoon, or so. It's a thick 'un. So I'm not going out in it unless I have a white stick and a halogen lamp with a very long lead. Perhaps a red light for the back of my head to avoid Thump and Groan from rear-enders.

Days like this I'm glad I don't drive.

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