Sunday, April 29, 2007

Elephants. Yeah.

"What," Herself asks me, "What do any of those movies on your blog have to do with... well, your blog?"
"It's my blog. I can put on it what I like," I reply, with a right snoot on.
"Fair enough," she says giving me a A Look.

In this multi-media age, "Writing it down" isn't always enough to fill in pieces of the puzzle. Movies on my blog are of things I like or which strike a personal chord. Simple as that. I even have a list of things which won't ever see the light of day on my blog, either because their copyright is too tightly held or because there isn't a technical way I can figure out to put them here.

For example, I roared the other night like I haven't roared laughing in years at Pavarotti over on the site. You may not find it amusing -- I'm looking forward to seeing it again as soon as I click on the "Publish" button.

Titter too at the Beatles video.

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Angharod said...

Biggest giggle is the Beatles IMO...ROFLLLLLLL...was smart enough not to have a mouthful of coffee at the time too, lucky that!

Love the #9 too...

go Willie, go.

Jo said...

Arghhhhhh, glad you warned us LOL