Saturday, April 21, 2007

Pass me back the gazebo, missus

Ding dong!

My father and I are discussing the plan for meeting my second cousin from Canada when my neighbour pokes the doorbell this Saturday morning.

"Hello," I say.

"Hello. Your canopy is...." She motions with a finger in a spiral, up-in-the-air kind of shape. "It's gone over."

"Has it?" I say. And idiotically go to the back window to confirm its absense from the back garden. There is definitely a gazebo shaped hole in the scenery.

The neighbour heads out in her car and my father and I trudge next door where the gazebo is in a comical, four-legs-in-the-air kind of position.

"Good job I tied it down, eh?"

"You did?"

"Well, with one rope anyway."

We dismantle and toss tubular bits back over the wall. The one rope and next door's washing line saved it from becoming a Wizard of Oz event. Only just.

Note to self: Tie the buggering thing down PROPERLY next time.

I have a picture in my head of my father and I sitting under the gazebo drinking tea when it takes off. Would have enjoyed that.

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Angharod said...

How about a shot of yer travelling canopy...

Good giggle for a dismal Sat.

Happy Earth Day tomorrow...

Willie_W said...

Well, it looks like a folded up piece of green polyester on a dining room floor at the moment. But doubtless it shall rise again.

Sinead said...

Better get that gazebo back up in time for the cat trampolining Olympics. And here's hoping they weren't taking place when it blew away...are all moggies accounted for??

Willie_W said...

Yes, even the one with the new haircut. I think she was saved because of the extra streamlining. Before that she was more dandelion shaped. And a dandelion in full seed at that.