Thursday, April 05, 2007

I'd have stuck them on the menu long before, lads

Two white Gobdaws by the names of Mark and Olly decide to make a television show about their interaction with a tribe called the Koombai in Discovery Channel's "World's Lost Tribes."

The tribe, who blame illness on sorcery and who only eat people if they consider them to be a sorceror, have so far been admirable in their fund of patience as the gormless duo fall around the jungle of Papua, scaring off meagre game and wasting the tribe's time and energy reserves.

To camera they manage to patronise their hosts regarding food and hospitality. Despite all this, the tribe has "adopted" them and treats them as idiot brothers, which I feel is genuinely charitable.

Discovery Channel on Tuesday evenings. See more about the programme here.


Anonymous said...

Jeez..take it easy mate, it's just a bloody show. It doesnt hurt to learn about a new tribe/culture however odd it may be.

Willie_W said...

Thanks for commenting, but if you read my post again I said nothing against the Kombai at all. It was the presenters I thought were off. Still do, for that particular show. I found the tribe fascinating.

I saw the other evening that Mark and Olly have another "Tribes" show where they stay with the Mek tribe of West Papua. I enjoyed what little I saw of that particular show -- I was busy and only saw some of it. I thought they displayed less patronising behaviour towards the tribe. Maybe they're mellowing. Or I am. No, I think it must be them...

Anyway, I notice quite a few recent hits here from the USA seeking info on Mark and Olly. The new show must be airing there.

Link to some info on the new show: