Wednesday, June 27, 2007

At least I have my health

Following on from cheesy dreams and toothache, I found myself on Monday suffering with stomach ache. And when a stomach the size of mine aches, that's a BIG ache!

There's a gastro- bug going around at the moment and I seem to have got a version. It seemed in my case to only exhibit cramps rather than resolving into anything messier. All the same, I was in bed shivering like a jelly by 9.30 and though I went to work yesterday feeling only a little sore, I decided to take today off to chase off the very last of the bug.

Update on the seagulls: Three of us were looking out the window at the puzzling seagulls on Monday when a small brown blob of fluff on webbed feet scuttled across the roof tiles! The pair evidently have at least one chick, possibly two. Yesterday the parents spent quite a long time away but came back in the late afternoon. I suppose they were out shopping.


Jo said...

I have been a bit "off" myself nearly all the week. I thought I had a hangover last Sunday morning. Turned out to be a weeny hangover and a bug included. It took me the whole of Sunday, lying on the sofa to feel a bit better. I got up at 6.30am this morning, for no reason, now I'm so jiggered I could crawl into bed.
An early night beckons.

Willie_W said...

It's a bad dose doing the rounds. One of two or three. The unseasonal weather not being in any "usual" pattern is to blame, I think.

Anonymous said...

Much better now *S*. Have cleared out a bedroom in prep for my Uni daughter to move back home again, at least for a while. She passed her Degree, HURRAH for her. Whilst clearing stuff I decided this is the best "cleared bedroom in the house". I think everyone should do a clear our every six months, IF everyone is like me, where does it come from ?? I decided to buy a venitian blind for the window. A saga of sorts. I bought the blind and walked out of the shop to the shop next door. I had taken my keys and change out of my purse, as not to fish around in the carpark. I paid for my purchase in the second shop and noticed I had no blind !. I dashed back in and there it stood where I had left it. I Then realised I had not got my car key's. Back to the second shop, yer man said I had left them on the counter. "Have a nice evening he said " ( as it was afternoon ). I just wanted to get home and get this blind up. Easy instructions they said on the pack. Dyslexic daughter read the instructions and said she would screw the screws in etc. I wondered about one or two brackets as I looked on. Daughter said they were FINE when I dared to mention it. Why do one's grown up kids treat you like an old biddy ? I have for years done my own DIY and usually managed even if it took me longer than a MAN with the proper tools !!
Daughter decided two fittings were wrong. She tried to unscrew the screws, nope, they were fast in the wood. She retreated to the kitchen. I came up with the idea that I would ask the son in law, who has all the tools needed. He made a date for the next day. Next day he said so sorry had a job to do himself. no problem, it really was no problem. I mused on the blind saga. Ok, I will get a wrench thingy and see what I can do, I thought to myself. YES ! I got those tight screws loosened. I took everything down and sat and read the instructions myself. The blind went up easily enough. It looks just grand. Son in law would be proud of me *S*.
I had no time to feel ill for the remainder of the week. This weekend, Was worried about my water tank in my car. It is wanting to be filled every two weeks it seems. I took the car out of the garage and knew the steering was wrong. YUP, a flat tyre. I filled my tank with water and hubbie changed the tyre. I was after all taking him to work. We got to work and the fella he was to meet did not turn up. A wasted morning. Now, I'm off to collect the repaired puncture. Tis lashing rain, but that the norm this summer. Ever get "one of those weeks" ?

Jo said...

Collected my tyre, I sat waiting on the fella to fix someone elses tyre. A car zoomed in behind me and bumped my rear. No damage to my car. He asked if the crack was still in his number plate. YEAH, four of them. Wonder does he bump everyone's bumper !!

Jo said...

Would you believe this ? Today, a few day's after my puncture experience, I took the car out of the garage only to spot another screw thingy in the same tyre ! This time the screw thingy held the air in. Hubbie was not with me to actually put the spare on if needed. Not that I have not changed a tyre before........ I went up to the same garage and asked the fella to give me the screw so I could maybe pinpoint where the screws are coming from. I had been out already to a site with hubbie but only drove on concrete. All around my home there have been workmen doing various house things of late and I wondered if there were screws all over the front of my garage. Another 12 quid in less than four day's, for another puncture ! I will get the broom out I think and sweep all around the front of my garage space.