Friday, June 29, 2007

An impatient patient am I

I've been on sick leave for most of the week now and I finally have to admit I make a bad patient! I'm walking wounded, which means a tendency to be bored, which I've managed to keep at bay until today. So, I thought I'd do a bit of minor housekeeping of the personal kind, like perhaps shave three days worth of stubble.

My efforts at anything more substantial have been thwarted by a Fate which wants me to rest and get well.

Take yesterday, for example. I decide that all the visitors who are finding their way to the Blog because I mentioned a B&Q gazebo a few times, and who are looking for instructions on how to put that feckin' thing up, could probably benefit from my experience. So I lug the boxed gazebo out the back and start photographing its component parts. So far so good except for the rain-clouds which, before too long, turn to rain. So I box the whole thing up again and save my draft instructions in Blogger and then realise I'm actually in another cold sweat from the exertion and this bug is NOT going to let me ignore it. Cue stomach discomfort and chills for the rest of the afternoon. I'll finish my materpiece another time.

Today, I thought I'd try something less physically demanding, so I started looking at filling in a tax form. The main receipt I was looking for is no-where to be found, so I sent a text to Herself, who was at work, asking where it might be.

"In the boot of my car," is the response.

"Ah," I send back, and shelve that plan, as the boot of the car is with the rest of the car -- three kilometres away.

So I think scanning some photographs my father took with his disposable camera on his birthday a few weeks back might make for a relaxing, non-exerting, hour or so. But after three scans I find the pics are just too rough and grainy for my scanner to deal with properly. Another minor project on the back burner then.

No chills and no major stomach problems today, but this resting lark is becoming old. The chins are clear of stubble anyway. I suppose I'll just go back to watching television.


Holler said...

Poor you!
Sometime you just have to give in to it!

Willie_W said...

Yes, but I hate giving in to anything! Feeling much better today, however. I am about to try a feed of fried liver, onions and shrooms, which will either kill me or cure me. *LOL*