Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Early rising 4.00am

Toothache woke me up this morning at 4.00am and I lay there in bed trying to find a comfortable place to put myself until five.

I tried covering my head with a duvet to keep the side of my face warm that was trying to thump on out through my cheek. I fluffed up a pillow and lay my puss on it. I even went to the last resort of draping the soft, cotton fabric of my housecoat -- a sure-fire cure for everything insomniac -- across my head without success.

I have three stumps of teeth that need to be uprooted. Two quite happily attack me from time to time but have been soundly whipped through the careful application of antibiotic treatments and horsepills. The third has, until last night, rested rottenly in peace in my upper mandible somewhere beneath my right eye with only an occasionally inconvenient habit of catching a piece of food in its gory depths. Then this weekend came the feast of sugary drinks, wines, spirits, beers, cakes, buns, biscuits, ice creams, syrups, chocolates and puddings that obviously had it throw in the proverbial towel and start throbbing like a good thing.

This evening, though feeling sleep deprived, I am somewhat more comfortable, back as I am on the pills diet and nicely swaddled in codeine.

If I come by money I shall ask the dentist to apply a gallon of stump killer. Until then, I am not looking forward to my bed.


Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Oh you poor thing! Toothaches are horrible. Hope you`ve had it fixed and all the pains gone. Buttons is a real beauty!!


Jo said...

God, Willie, you will have to get those teeth all pulled out. The thing is the expense too. That's awful, pain every so often. Reminds me..........my dentist went private last year. I must register with another dentist on the NHS. We do pay towards our treatments but a minimul charge. Hope you are ok. XX

Willie_W said...

When I wasn't working, I could probably afford to have the jobs done that need doing on the aul' gnashers. Now I have a job, the money attracts bills! So I'll have to soldier on until the money becomes available again. I'm quite well at the moment and seem to have staved the pain off again for a while. If I monitor the amount of sugary food the bug likes to prosper upon I should be fine for a bit longer.

Willie_W said...

Tea >> Thanks for the kind thoughts. Yes, the cat is a stunner and knows it! Her brother is so camouflaged (pure black) that his colour actually throws off the digital camera and I can't get a good picture of him! He's the one looking worried in my avatar.