Friday, June 08, 2007

Thomas Lynch

I was watching the RTE television programme, Arts Lives, the other evening and it introduced me to Irish-American poet and undertaker, Thomas Lynch. I like him.

This 40 minute video of him reading from his poems and essays is something to download and keep safe.

Edit: Another 30 minute video here.

(The videos above are sourced from the Internet, and are not part of the RTE programme referred to earlier).


Angharod said...

Just lovely, thanks. I'll see the debris on the flaggy floor now, for the rest of the day.

Willie_W said...

I will have to see if RTE produce the Arts Lives programme on DVD, even if individually. Well worth adding to the collection.

Yes, I'm liking Thomas Lynch. I may look out for him on the bookshelves. Visit his home page at for more readings.