Thursday, August 16, 2007


"Are we there yet?"

"Don't start."

Good journey out to Drogheda on the M50 and then the M1.


"Oliver Plunkett's head. Where is it?"

"There's no head here!"

It was in the 25-foot tall reliquary, near where the lady local was lighting a candle for her presumed good intention. One severed head, some rib-bones and a hip later, we found ourselves among the ladies of the town in the Copper Kettle coffee shop, enjoying a cappucino.


The waitress, almost dislocating her neck to see what's going on among the passersby on the street below tipped over a milk jug onto the floor.

"It's hot in here," Herself said.

Drogheda is a nice-looking town with several spots of historical interest. It's hilly, so walking shoes are a good idea. I had mine, anyway. There are lots of people bustling about and plenty of shopping. Off Laurence Street is a new mall which is still awaiting tenants, but there are plenty of single shops and boutiques along the streets. One gets the impression that there is a lot going on in the town that our fleeting visit couldn't cover.
Lunch was served in the Westcourt Hotel. Always a good idea to go where the locals are eating, and this was very busy. "Family friendly" is the term I'd use. Ear-plugs an option if you are not too family friendly yourself. Food quite good, but suffered a little from the perennial problem that carvery's have, i.e, the food goes cold quickly.

We took a quick jaunt over to Newgrange, remembering along the way that the only access is through the visitor centre at Bru na Boinne. So we took a few quick snaps over the hedge and headed for home.


Anonymous said...

Nice for you and Herself Willie. *S* Joan

b3n said...

Good man Willie. It's nice to see someone appreciates me home town. Nice pics of West street and Laurence gate.

b3n said...

Ooops I meant to say Peter Street not west street.

Angharod said...

We stayed our very first night in Ireland, round the corner from The 19th Hole pub in Drogheda....too tired from the flight to do more than suck up a few pints, and find a chipper for a late snack. Friend Joe from Laytown gave me a grand tour of Drogheda in 2001 I think it was...including Plunkett's noggin. It really IS a nice town, with lots of historic stuff to meander through. I even have a pic or 2 of we two in Cromwell era capes, plumed hats n' swords. There were even some dry, sunny spells that day.

Willie_W said...

b3n >> Always embarrassing to mix up the names of streets in one's own home town. Or so I'm told... ;-)

Willie_W said...

Angh >> Yes, I hope to get back there before too long and get myself properly organised into enjoyment of the town. Not enough to drive out there and spend only a couple of hours of aimless rambling. We shall have to organise a proper weekend of debauchery and culture.

Willie_W said...

Joan >> Yes, if we can keep up the day-tripping and refrain from mutual strangulation we shall have a fine holiday fortnight.