Sunday, August 05, 2007

Escaped traffic lights recaptured

A herd of traffic lights which had made a sensational escape from a depot of South Dublin County Council overnight were recaptured and corralled in Firhouse this morning.

Under cover of darkness, the eight-feet high lights had sneaked out a hole in a fence and scattered across parkland into nearby estates.

Local resident, Eilish Okimbawano, told our reporter: "I came out to pick up the milk and there was one standing in my garden, eating the top off my Clematis campaniflora.

"I got it in Woodies in the 50% off sale," she added.

This is not the first time there has been a problem in South Dublin with roadside structures. In 2005, one-hundred directional signs disappeared along the M50. It is thought they migrated to Southern Italy for the winter.

The escaped traffic lights were rounded up by Roads Department staff on overtime this morning and corralled in a temporary compound off the Firhouse Road. A spokesman said:

"We think we got them all back, but it's hard to tell. They're pretty frightened at the moment and will probably just mill about for a few hours before settling down. Once they get used to the new surroundings they should all start pointing the same way."

Reports this afternoon from the Dodder Valley Park area of sightings of two more traffic lights hiding in shrubbery near Firhouse Weir are being investigated.

In the meantime, member of the public are asked to be vigilant and to report any suspicious traffic lights to their local Garda station.


Anonymous said...

LOL................ Joan

Holler said...

Very good!

That picture could be from a horror movie, best not to think about it!

The most evil horror movie I ever saw was one where roadside furniture, this time not traffic lights, but phone boxes were all herded onto trucks and taken away with people still in them! I won't tell you what happened at the warehouse they all arrived in!

Watch out for those traffic lights, there could be an equally terrifying plot!

Anonymous said...

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Willie_W said...

holler >> It would never happen here. The telephone boxes have all had their glass smashed. I suppose your movie also explains the new design of public phones from a box to a kind of canopy on a pole. Although they could grab people from above, maybe. Imagine if overhead hairdriers were demonically possessed! The chaos!

Willie_W said...

adam >> Thanks for the spam. Unfortunately, I'm on a diet.