Sunday, August 19, 2007

Nightwish - Over the Hills and Far Away


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, my kind of music, wonderful ! Joan

Angharod said...

It's great...I went surfing for lyrics and others versions...I'd never heard of it before...imagine that!

Hey Willie, we stayed in Malahide one night too....great little town. Didn't get to see the grounds of the castle tho...just the inside. 'Tis where I bought the Claddagh ring I still wear.

Willie_W said...

Aye, the song is a good one.

Original by Gary Moore, I think. He played with a later version of Thin Lizzy and "Over the Hills and Far Away" was a solo hit of his.

Nightwish is a favourite band of mine. They're from Finland. Unfortunately, they've parted company with their lead singer (the one in this video) and although their new singer is really good the operatic style isn't present.

I think the Nightwish version is the best one of this song.

Angh: Malahide>> Have done the tour bit of the castle, although it was more Fawlty Towers than Bord Failte approved when we visited. The chappie running the model railway was having a bad day when we mistook him for a member of staff (he is, in fact, a member of staff) and asked him about access to the model railway. He basically savaged us verbally for having been sent by the staff in the castle proper at an inappropriate time. We had just arrived on the demense and hadn't even been to the castle. So we did the castle tour and didn't see the mini choo-choos that day last year. I may go back there before the end of my holiday this time and see if his customer care skills have been installed in the interim. Or not. On such careless moments are reputations made or lost.