Saturday, August 18, 2007

Holiday how are ya?

I'm coughing up sawdust tonight following a marathon session of cabinet building, drilling, jig-sawing and the divil knows what in the name of getting the never-ending kitchen project finally finished.

Tomorrow, I plan on some waste pipe installation to go with our new sink-and-a-half set-up, then demolition of the last hanging on part of the original sink and pipework.

My drill is starting to show signs of wear and tear to match my unhappy lungs.

It is looking promising though.


Anonymous said...

Do you want to finish off my new kitchen Willie ? The walls need re-doing. A nice new kitchen half done ! Mind you we have been looking at different stuff, Paint it or put up paper ? Not too difficult to decide, I would say.
Joan XX

Willie_W said...

No thanks, Joan. I finished DIY at about 10.30 this evening, so I won't be doing anyone any more favours today!

Looking close to completion now. I promise to post pictures and the rest when it is completed. I've been photographing everything throughout the assembly.

Now if only I could fix those plumbing problems....