Monday, October 22, 2007

Bye Bye Blogrush

You may have noticed a snazzy looking widget-generated list of blogs on the blogosphere here recently, supplied by a crowd calling themselves Blogrush. I've quite enjoyed the occasional click through to blogs I might otherwise not see. Not really noticed much traffic in return, but that's life. But their website recently came out with a whinge about persons who, perhaps like me, didn't place their little invitation to stop reading my blog and immediately feck off to another one quite so high on the page. It reads:

"We are not going to require our members to place the widget at the very top of their blogs or put it in any specific location. However, it’s common sense that if someone places the widget where normal visitors aren’t going to see it much, that they will achieve poor widget performance — and will most likely be removed from the network.


"If so, you need to move it higher on your blog to give it better placement.


"As I said, BlogRush was designed as a FAIR system. There’s a reason it was created as a COOPERATIVE network. It’s so its members can work together to generate more targeted readers for their blogs.

"But this system doesn’t work if all members aren’t contributing at least somewhat equally. Why should any member give the widget high placement if other members are not going to? And yet those other members stand to receive the SAME REWARDS? It’s just not fair and, therefore, we have no choice but to make this change.

"So any member that’s only willing to put the BlogRush widget at the very bottom of their blog isn’t a member we want in our network — and our network will deliver more traffic, per member, without them."

No bother, fellas. I gave your code what I considered to be reasonable placement, rather than top or bottom billing, but with that attitude in any case your widget is GONE!

But just to clarify. It was a privilege YOU enjoyed to have your piece of code inserted into THIS Blog, and to have those friends and casual visitors who visit here see it. So don't think you were doing me any favours. There's plenty more where you came from and with a better attitude too.


Anonymous said...

So there ! .....Joan

Willie_W said...

Darn tootin...'

Even if they DID send me the "you're accepted" email, I don't wanna play any more.